COVID-19 legacy-ready.

COVID-19 legacy-ready air quality monitors and face masks+

Scottish air quality Bandanair has been thrust unwittingly into the limelight as companies across the globe, keen to get back to work, clamour for information on protective face masks in a sea of ill-informed rhetoric.

Across the globe, from fashion companies to sweatshops and very likely, our own back rooms, folks are franticly making face masks following the UK Government U-turn on ‘face-covering’ policy.

“I get it”, Said Jason Faichney, Bandanair MD. “It’s the wild west out there.” “Most manufacturers are starting from scratch, and have no idea what they’re doing – from their naive marketing, I know this to be true.” “We were in the same position three years ago, we’re that much ahead of the game” Luckily for Bandanair, more informed SME’s, corporations and government departments, in the UK and overseas, have acknowledged their experience.
Bandanair is well-positioned to be the go-to source for air quality monitors and mask solutions post or legacy COVID-19. Jason Faichney went on: “We are being fed a lot of misinformation – it kinda makes my blood boil.” he said. “No-one knows what they are buying, let alone, for what purpose”.

Bandanair’s ‘Killer fabric’ attracts and kills up to 99.8% of viruses.

Bandanair is an innovative Scottish enterprise dedicated to addressing significant social and environmental problems.

The company has designed an ergonomic, multi-use respirator face mask to offer a first-line shield, from air-borne bacteria and viruses, pollen and pollutants to PM10 and PM2.5 fine dust, VOCs and Carbon dioxide concentrations.

Their masks use a blend of Antiviral, Virucidal, silver-impregnated, activated carbon filters tested by UK’s Health Protection Agency. Their ‘killer fabric’ attracts and kills up to 98% of viruses.

They are developing protocols for major companies and have identified ways to retrofit their ‘Killer Fabric’ into existing air quality management systems from large commercial operations to Ceiling Cassettes and less apparent routes, such as hairdryers and adhesive information patches.

Bandanair High Growth Pipeline Award

Bandanair is exceptionally pleased to announce another milestone in their company development under the Scottish Enterprise High Growth Pipeline Scheme. The SE High Growth Start-up team works with pre-start technology businesses that have the potential for accelerated growth. Bandanair Director Don jack said: “Scottish Enterprise has rigorous eligibility criteria, so naturally, we are delighted and honoured” He went on “Their intensive hands-on support is considered to be an integral part of our quest to provide clean air for everyone.”

Investment Secured

July 2018. The early-stage Scottish technology start-up Bandanair, today announced substantial private funding following significant interest from Scottish Enterprise as one of the latest ventures earmarked for their high growth pipeline scheme.

Clean air for everyone.
Bandanair is developing a number of products which address significant social and environmental problems worldwide including a personal air pollution face mask with a filter renew indicator – considered to be the first of it’s kind.